GDPR is coming...

Is your business ready for May 2018?

Is your business ready for GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation requires all persons who handle personal data to undergo awareness training, so they can make the right decisions about the personal data they collect, hold and use.

Therefore, initial and ongoing training is essential to keep your organisation compliant. Training for GDPR awareness cannot be a ‘one off’ event, it requires regular reminders and refreshers to ensure individuals are aware of their obligations and always alert to possible dangers. All training requires to be documented and the records available for inspection.

To relieve the burden, Skills Player provides an entire training solution with tracking, online documentation and management reports so you can concentrate on your normal day to day activities.

Trackable video-based training
Professionally presented using non-technical language
Multiple choice learning validation exercises
Management access to training records
Certificates for successful completion of validation exercises
Reminders sent to ensure staff engage with training
Regular refresher / update videos
Cyber security videos and updates to new threats
Online training records automatically updated 
Easily affordable for any business