About Us

We are more than the sum of the parts

Skills Player was created to solve a major problem!

At Skills Player we have made it our mission to create a easy to use and affordable online training and compliance management service.   We believe we have done just that!

Our vision was to provide a professional online service, easily accessible by all organisations that have a need to train their workforce in all, or some, aspects of Health and Safety, GDPR, Cyber Security, to name but a few, indeed all topics that have or will have a legal requirement and a need for a business to demonstrate compliance. Our courses and records of education and training for each employee, are substantive enough to cover all current external auditing requirements and applicable ISO standards. 

In addition, we've not stopped there, as it turns out online learning is a great way to enhance the productivity of your workforce by giving them access to a comprehensive range of soft skill materials.

In short Skills Player is an affordable, convenient and fun way to empower each and every employee, within any organisation, to achieve their full potential and in the process give management peace of mind that they are satisfying the legal requirements of providing the training and learning necessary to demonstrate and measure its effectiveness across the entire organisation.